Michael-Evans and Davood Faramarzi - All-Seeing-Eye

Lyrics/Vocals: Michael Evans
Music: Davood Faramarzi aka David Far
Photo Art: Michael Evans

This is a new project which me and Michael collaborated. listen and enjoy!

All Seeing Eye

Resonate with my frequency this moment
And breathe…..
The message?
Question what’s real!

History was stolen from us
Truth was hidden
Soon the lies will be exposed
If you would only believe
Who would believe you if you told them the truth?

They would say everything’s fine
And go back to their lives
I try to tell them again and they say I’m crazy
We’re in the fight for our lives
We’re in the fight for our minds (X2)

Always watching the all seeing eye
AI and 5G high jack our minds
There has to be a better way
I say crypto & blockchain
Who needs an all seeing eye?
Resonate…..forget hate….Resonate

This track also released by our friend Morktra through COD’s label.


You can listen to this track on Spotify through the link above.


ALL SEEING EYE BY MICHAEL EVANS & Davood Faramarzi aka David Far
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