Enhanced Packaging

Beyond standard styles of cartons, we develop enhanced packaging that features special structural elements, inks and coatings, or materials to add valuable functionality. Most importantly, enhanced packaging maximizes shelf impact and enhances the consumer’s brand experience.

Promotional Cartons
Promotional Packaging

Custom promotional packaging including folding carton and paperboard solutions that deliver added value for brands.

Materials Enhancements Folding Cartons
Material Enhancements

With material enhancements, we print folding cartons on special substrates to create a stunning overall effect that makes the package stand out strongly on the retail shelf.

Folding Carton Print Enhancements
Print Enhancements

Print enhancements including specialty inks, coatings and embossing are used to create visually attractive packages with an elevated shelf impact that conveys a premium brand image.

Enhanced Cartons - Ice Cream Bars
Structural Enhancements

Unique structural carton designs that add improved functionality and on-shelf differentiation.