Hot Cups and Lids

Standard and insulated hot cups and lids allow consumers to enjoy their favorite hot beverage on-the-go.

Standard Hot Cups
Standard Hot Cups

Standard paper hot cups are ideal for on-the-go or take-home beverage consumption.

Insulted Hot Cup Hold n Go
Insulated Hot Cups – Hold&Go™

Hold&Go™ insulated hot cups use a Thermashield™ technology that delivers excellent insulating performance, keeping your beverages warm while your hands stay cool.

PCF_Hot Cups
PCF Hot Cups

10% PCF (post-consumer recycled fiber) hot cups are part of our line of environmentally responsible single-use foodservice packaging.

Vending Hot Cups
Vending Hot Cups

Vending hot cups are specially designed to fit inside standard coffee dispensing machines that reside in self-service locations, such as break rooms and rest stops.

Cup Buddy™ Sleeves
Cup Buddy Sleeves

Cup Buddy sleeves are a necessary accessory for hot beverages. This product has a patent-pending embossed design to help consumers hold onto their beverage with ease.

Cup Carriers

Cup carriers are convenient, quick-serve containers for food trucks, restaurants and other similar applications.

ecotainer™ Hot Cups

ecotainer™ hot cups are part of a full line of single-use, commercially compostable* foodservice packaging made of fully renewable resources.