Food Packaging

Ordering take-out or delivery? Our containers and lids will keep your food covered until you reach your final destination.

Standard Cylindrical Food Containers
Standard Cylindrical Food Containers

Standard cylindrical food containers are used for a variety of hot and cold applications such as frozen yogurt, soups and family-style side items.

ecotainer™ foodservice cup
ecotainer™ Food Containers

ecotainer™ food containers and lids are part of a full line of single-use, commercially compostable* foodservice packaging made of fully renewable resources.

Short Buckets

Short buckets are smaller sized food containers ideal for family-style sides, half portions or grab-and-go individual meals.

Food Buckets
Food Buckets

Food buckets for larger-quantity meals that require a sturdy, grease-resistant package that does not leak or tear.

Fry Packaging

The scoop cup is a versatile, innovative way to package a variety of food items, from a side of fries to an order of chicken tenders.

Popcorn Buckets, Tubs, Boxes and Scoops
Popcorn Package Line

Our popcorn package line has something for everyone: buckets, square popcorn cartons, boxes and scoop styles.

Takeout Containers

From fast food carryout to deli operations, our food boxes provide the convenience, protection and presentation your customers expect.

Sandwich Clamshells

Our sandwich clamshells are ideal foodservice packaging solutions for on the go consumers who are eating out or picking up prepared foods.

IntegraFlex™ Hybrid Packaging

IntegraFlex™ incorporates the best features of both a folding carton and flexible package in a cost effective and more efficient solution that provides a better on-the-go consumer experience.

Poly Coated Food Trays

Poly coated food trays come in a variety of sizes and three different looks to complement your occasion from cafeterias to quick serve restaurants.

Hot Dog Containers
Hot Dog Containers

Our hot dog containers can be utilized in cafeterias, quick-serve restaurants, entertainment events, amusement parks, gas station and street vendors.

Snack Containers
Snack Containers

Strong, grease resistant snack containers that come in small to medium sizes to fit snack foods and sharable side items. 

Pizza containers from Graphic Packaging International
Pizza Containers

Pizza containers feature fast setup with locking mechanisms and a protective rigid structure.

Bakery boxes from Graphic Packaging International
Donut Boxes

Keep your bakery items fresh with our bakery boxes. Our wide array of styles and sizes include bakery cartons, cake pads, circles and trays.


EconoPaxx™ foodservice cartons are made with paperboard that uses 100% recycled paper fibers and are FSC-recycled certified.

Carryout Trays and Cup Carriers
Carryout Trays & Cup Carriers

Our carryout trays and cup carriers are convenient, quick serve containers for food trucks and other similar applications.

Paper Plates

Our paper plates are engineered for strength and stability to handle many types of food without spilling, leaking or breaking.