Standard Folding Cartons

Standard folding cartons that are anything but standard.

When it comes to cartons, we can improve your product line, supply line, and bottom line. Using attention-getting, high-impact graphics, we build an emotional connection with consumers that brand stakeholders seek in packaging design. Our innovative ideas and turnkey solutions can make a measurable difference. We offer cartons for cereal and dry food, frozen food, candy and confections, dairy, household goods, personal care products, pet care products and more.

Seal End Carton
Seal End Cartons

Seal end folding cartons are custom-sized, side-seamed designs for high-speed setup and filling on standard carton machinery.

Tuck Style Folding Cartons
Tuck Style Cartons

Tuck style folding cartons are custom-sized, tuck-style designs to accommodate a wide range of products.

Tray Style Cartons
Tray Style Cartons

Tray style folding cartons are locking or glued trays that can incorporate hinged lids and locking features for bakery items, snack bars, juice pouches, loose-fill products and more.