Hybrid Packaging

Hybrid packaging combines flexible materials and rigid paperboard components to create right-sized, high-barrier designs in fully or partially enclosed formats.

Hybrid IntegraFlute™ Carton

A right-sized, high-strength corrugated design that includes a barrier liner which allows for direct filling into the package. A great alternative to bag-in-box, IntegraFlute™ provides maximum product protection and durability ideal for e-commerce packaging, club stores and more.

Hybrid IntegraPak™ Popcorn Clusters

A fully enclosed design combining an outer paperboard carton with an inner flexible liner into a single unit. Engineered to be right-sized, and direct-filled for package and manufacturing efficiency.

IntegraFlex™ Hybrid Packaging

IntegraFlex™ incorporates the best features of both a folding carton and flexible package in a cost effective and more efficient solution that provides a better on-the-go consumer experience.