How to Write a Song or Lyrics?

There are many ways to start writing a song and I am going to describe them by numbers:

How to Write a song?

1- If you have the talent in writing then all you need is the mood and the place and it is also depends on your character to know where you can write better. In a room full of people? or in the nature? or for example when you are alone In your room? etc.

How to Write a song?

2- Focus on everything which you see in a place where you want to start writing your song, for example you see your Instrument hanging on the wall or it is on your bed, you can use all the things around you as metaphors in your song, for example in a simple way you can write:

“I dropped My guitar on the floor

As I was tired of all this world

I can still hear your voice

From that violin on the wall”

How to Write a song?

3- You can use some websites which gives you Rhymes for any words which you choose to find a rhyme for them. for example if you are ending your first line with “Gone” then you can search a website like and you can find one syllable words like Dawn or John, or two syllables like Go on, hang on, etc.

How to Write a song?

4- Before you write anything you need an idea, you need to imagine something, you need a background, so what you have to do? watch a movie! or listen to some other songs, read a novel! when you wanna build your muscles you start to eat more foods while you are working out, so this is the same thing you need to eat something before building it. when you receive nothing, you can’t send anything.

How to Write a song?

5- Find topics from around yourself like a news paper or people around you, who do you love? who did you lost? you can even write about what you have achieved in your life or who did you become?

How to Write a song?

6- Never give up, If you failed in your first try You should try again in another time. Even if you couldn’t complete a song, You can go for the next topic. Just try to find which topic is much easier for you to write about.

Best wishes,

Davood Faramarzi

How to Write a song?
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